Parish Programs

"Your show this past Sunday was Exceptional!! You had the complete attention of the audience during the entire presentation! The word of God came alive through illusion and magic in such a unique way which we’ve never experienced. The feedback from the presentation has been phenomenal. Seeds of Faith were surely deepened on Sunday and provided an opportunity for families to share this growth in our Faith. The love of your faith is clearly evident through your ministry and your Magical Revelations is just What our people need today to help strengthen their appreciation and love of God. We truly look forward to having you return once St. Elizabeth has a facility of their own! Thank you and may God continue to Bless You!"
Pat Kasper
Elementary Youth Ministry Team
St. Elizabeth Church, Exton, Pennsylvania

"WOW!!! We were thrilled! I came for the magic but got much more. You should be a missionary! I thought of the stories surrounding St. Patrick, and his conversion of the Gaels. The show was spectacular. I am still in awe of the performance, and it was fantastic to see the kids so alert and DEFINITLY getting the whole message. Your work is indeed a gift, but I would say that it certainly seems inspired by a higher power as well. God bless you, Father Lee!"
Dale Leppard
Member of the audience at a presentation of Magical Revelations
Hershey, Pennsylvania

"Your performance was one marvel after another! You had the audience in the palm of your hand, and I wouldn't have been surprised if you had transformed us all into doves that flew out of your hand. Half of the pleasure was watching the children on the edge of their seats, waiting for your next marvel to unfold. Best of all, you not only entertained but enlighted-making us see truths of the Faith in new light! Thank you again for a superb presentation, for the great love and warmth that you conveyed to one and all, and for gracing our lives with some very special memories."
Gene Paul Strayer, Ph.D
Minister of Music

St. Rose of Lima Church, York, Pennsylvania

"I would describe what I saw as... professional, exciting, and inspiring. The children and adults are still talking about the show. What a great combination: entertainment with a salvific message!"
Father Bob Gillilan
Pastor of St. Mary's Church, York, Pennsylvania

"Father, I want to thank you for the inspirational show you put on last night at St. Catherine's. My daughter was so excited about the ability to assist you with the card trick. She took your autographed card drawing to bed with her last night. You've given my wife and me some more tools to help enhance my daughter and son's faith."
Mr. Gerald M. Donlan
Member of the audience at a presentation of Magical Revelations
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Thank You for the awesome program you put on for the kids here at Holy Spirit.  You are an a amazing priest, loving what you do and allowing all to see, feel and get caught up in the wonderment of what that means.  You have a gift. Please know you have a special place here with the people of Holy Spirit."
LIsa  Skorski
Youth Minister Coordinator
Holy Spirit Parish, Palmyra, Pennsylvania

"All reports have been great, and you still have them wondering HOW DID YOU DO THAT!! May you be blessed with many magical moments and continue your teaching of our Lord's Words in such a fantastic way."
Kay Langan
President of the Counsel of Catholic Women
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"A great program for the whole parish but a special treat for our religious education students."
George Lenkner
St. Mary's Church, York, Pennsylvania

"Thanks for the wonderful show for my Cubs. The Boys were duly impressed with your talent and performance. Gearing the show to Scouting was an added pleasure. Thanks again."
Melissa Farley
Cub Master of Pack 23
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Magical Revelations is an entertaining, educational and inspirational program for children and adults of all ages. All the women and children at our breakfast really enjoyed it!"
Karen Hnatuck
Organizer of the Mother Daughter Banquet
St. Joseph's Church, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


"When you spoke I really connected. I hope others who hear you will feel this way too."
True Colors Retreatant

"Thanks! You are so cool. I really got the message you were trying to give!"
True Colors Retreatant

"We loved having Magical Revelations at our church! It was a wonderful witness for the children and adults to see you using a special talent that God gave you to extend your priestly ministry of sharing Him with others. It's obvious that what you do and say is not only carefully planned, but also inspired by your love, great faith and spirit of fun! Everyone has something different that impacted them and stayed with them."
Mrs. Leisa Bowman
Coordinator "Kids for Christ"
Our Lady of Lourdes, New Holland, Pennsylvania 

"Great Show... Great entertainment... Great Fun..."
Fr. John Schmalhofer
Retreat for the "Kids for Christ"
Our Lady of Lourdes, New Holland, Pennsylvania

Educational Programs

"MAGICAL REVELATIONS cleverly and professionally combines the world of magic and illusion to entrance all ages into the depths of spirituality. It's a program worth engaging, and easy, effective approach to spread the Good News. I highly recommend it."
Sister Mary Agnes Shurer, S.C.C.
Principal of Cathedral School
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Your presentation of Magical Revelations was both entertaining and inspirational, a great combination to teach the message of the Gospel, especially to children."
Fr. Samuel Houser
Pastor of Prince of Peace Parish
Steelton, Pennsylvania

"We are extremely happy that we had the opportunity to see Magical Revelations. The magical illusions were fantastic, but more importantly, the message that went along with them needed to be heard. Our students were mesmerized. Thank you for a great experience."
Mr. Jay Collins
Principal of Prince of Peace School
Steelton, Pennsylvania

"Many, many thanks for your wonderful and inspiring magic show. The children of St. Mary's and St. Patrick's were blessed; they really enjoyed themselves. Thank you for sharing your talents with God's little people!"
Karen Kreller
Coordinator of Religious Education
St. Mary's Church
York, Pennsylvania

"We want to thank you so much. This was the best program we have done and seen! The kids talk about it all day and still do. Thank you!"
Home and School Association
Sacred Heart School
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"The entire school was touched by your uplifting message."
Marcella Wolfe
1st Grade Teacher at Holy Name of Jesus School
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Father Leo Goodman's Magical Revelations is a wonderful combination of magic and Scripture. A great show for all ages."
Cathy Ashton
Religious Education Coordinator
Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Ephrata, Pennsylvania

"Our faculty members informed me of what an enjoyable performance it was, one which captured the attention of the children of all ages, not an easy task, especially on the 21st of December. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and your Gospel Magic with us."
Sister Patricia McKee
Principal of Sacred Heart School
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Elementary School Students

"Thank you for the spectacular show; it was so cool. I never have seen a priest do magic."
5th grade student at Holy Name of Jesus,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Instead of all magic you taught about God. I think that was good for all the kids so they will remember how much God is important to us. I really think you should take your magic and faith to different states, because I enjoyed it."
5th grade student at Holy Name of Jesus,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"I thought your show was extraordinary. The illusions and tricks were awesome, and you taught the Gospel through your tricks. You deepened my faith that very night. Thank you so much!"
Student at St. Margaret Mary School,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

High School Students

"I liked Father Leo's Magical Revelations. He rocks!"
Student of Bishop McDevitt High School
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania