Presentations of Magical Revelations™ in 2011 

January 23,  2011: A Taste of Magical Revelations
Morning Program: 1st Reconciliation Class
St. Mary's, Lancaster, PA

February 2,  2011*: Magical Revelations Parish Program
7 PM: St. Mary's Gym
Historic St. Mary's Church
32 W. Vine Street, Lancaster, PA

February 3,  2011*: Magical Revelations School Program K - 8th Grade
Afternoon Program: Catholic Schools Week
Resurrection Catholic School
32 W. Vine Street, Lancaster, PA

February 12,  2011: Holy Name Society hosts Father - Son Banquet
6 PM Dinner & 7:15 Magical Revelations Program
St. Peter's Church Social Hall 
121 South Second Street, Columbia, PA

March 27,  2011: A Taste of Magical Revelations
Morning Program: 1st Communion Class
St. Mary's, Lancaster, PA

May 3,  2011:  Marian Oxfordites Host a 6 PM Mass, 6:45 PM Dinner 
& 7:30 PM Magical Revelations Program
Immaculate Conception Parish Hall
106 Carlisle Street, New Oxford PA

May 10,  2011*:  Mother Child Banquet
Hosted by the United Methodist Women
6:30 PM Dinner & 7:00 PM Magical Revelations Program
First United Methodist Church
200 Frederick Street, Hanover PA

May 15, 2011*:  50th Wedding Anniversary of Donald & Clara Mangold
2:30 PM: Magical Revelations Program
Conestoga Country Club
1950 Stone Mill Road, Lancaster PA

May 17, 2011:  Parent and Preschool Center's  Preschool Closing Activity
Morning & Afternoon Magical Revelations Program
Mellinger Mennonite Church
1916 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster PA

June 27, 2011:  Chill on the Hill Keynote: Magical Revelations
Sacred Heart Church Parish Event
Pine Ridge, SD

October 16, 2011:  Chill on the Hill: Keynote Speaker, Is God a Mirage or The Real Deal?
6 PM: St. Mary's Youth Group with Youth from Deanery
119 S. Prince Street, Parish Gym
St. Mary's Church, Lancaster, PA

November 20, 2011:  Eucharistic Adoration Closing Service
4:00 PM: A Taste of Magical Revelations during the Homily
Mary, Gate of Heaven Parish
188 W. McKinley Avenue, Myerstown, PA 

December 16, 2011: Youth Christmas Party for needy kids 
Hosted by The Latino Vision Association & The Elks Lodge #134
6:00 PM Dinner, 6:45 PM Magical Revelations & Special Appearance by Santa
219 N. Duke Street, Lancaster, PA