Magical Revelations™ was created to bring the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Teachings of Christ to others through the use of the visual arts and modern stage illusions.

In 1991 during the sermon at a Confirmation Retreat, I began juggling raw eggs. "How dangerous it is for us when we become so busy juggling things in our lives that we can't focus on God. Something is going to break." I got their attention!

Magical Revelations™ was born. I found myself being invited to proclaim God's Word through the art of illusions for school assemblies and masses, True Colors retreats, youth group events, and adult gatherings. I find that people of all ages love this way of deepening their faith.

In the months that followed I began performing a favorite illusion of mine, The Linking Rings, when talking about our relationships and the Holy Trinity.

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Utilizing modern stage illusions we entertain, inspire and bring others to Christ.
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