Using optical illusions to illustrate the Gospel Message is effective for two important reasons.

  • Magical Revelations™ gets the attention of those who are often not open to God's Word and Message.
  • Magical Revelations™ helps people remember God's Word long after the program because visual aids enable most of us to remember what we have heard. Have you ever left Church and couldn't remember the homily?

People have said, at times more than a year after one of my programs...
"I still remember what you taught me about trust, love, and forgiveness."

Video Clip:  WGAL Story, "Local Priest Turns To Magic to Spread Word"

        The Gospel Magician uses the art of slight of hand and optical illusions to produce baffling effects on normal everyday objects not only to entertain but to illustrate the Gospel with examples that are memorable. 

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Utilizing modern stage illusions we entertain, inspire and bring others to Christ.
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        The Catholic Church is " opposed to all forms of divination... and all practices of magic or sorcery by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one's service and have a supernatural power over others." (see Catechism of  the Catholic Church 2115-2117) Magical Revelations™ involves none of the above. (For more information)